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The company was set up to buy and sell shares on behalf of investors. buy sth from sb We always buy paper from the same supplier. buy sth for sb/sth Customers may be buying mobile phones for their children. buy sb sth I offered to buy him lunch.
What's' the best way to pick which headphones to buy? Headphones The Guardian.
Indeed, you could just buy Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds for around £14.90 $11.99 and replace them as often as necessary. Either way, there are hundreds of headphones and earbuds on the market, and you should buy the ones you like best.
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Cognate with Scots by to buy, purchase, obsolete Dutch beugen to buy, Old Saxon buggian, buggean to buy, Old Norse byggja to procure a wife, lend at interest, let out, Gothic bugjan, to buy. The spelling with u is from the Southwest, while the pronunciation with aɪ is from the East Midlands.
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