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git clone Atlassian Git Tutorial.
git clone is a Git command line utility which is used to target an existing repository and create a clone, or copy of the target repository. In this page we'll' discuss extended configuration options and common use cases of git clone.
clone jQuery API Documentation.
When cloning input elements, the dynamic state of the element e.g, user data typed into text inputs and user selections made to a checkbox is retained in the cloned elements. When used in conjunction with one of the insertion methods, clone is a convenient way to duplicate elements on a page.
Clone Store Selection December 1996. Frei Aber Froh! Clone Records subsidiary Edit.Futurum. Homebrew Legowelt video.: Our 2nd edition of the Clone Cycling Series. Serge at the Boiler Room Rotterdam Special. Transllusion A Moment Of Insanity. Upcoming Royal Oak by Third System.
Clone Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Examples of clone in a Sentence. Noun the clone of an adult female sheep the car is a clone under a different brand name-it's' even manufactured in the same plant as its cousin Verb Do you think scientists should clone humans?
Is it time to worry about human cloning again? Pets The Guardian.
There was a loud-mouthed Italian fertility doctor named Antinori who said he was trying, and a UFO cult called the Raƫlians had a human cloning company, Clonaid; it seemed all too plausible when they pranked the media with claims to have created a clone baby named Eve.
Cloning - Wikipedia.
The remaining clones have been dispersed everywhere in the world to conduct further experiments to expand their lifespans, save for at least 10 who remained in Academy City, and the last clone, who was not fully developed when the experiment stopped.
Clone - Wikipedia.
Clone, a popular term for a replica, particularly when referring to recreations" of rare and desirable variants of collector cars. Clone, a popular term for an unlicensed, reverse engineered copy of a firearm produced in another nation although the term can also apply to a simple direct copy, created under license.

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